Poetry / pb / April, 2001 /
Poetry / pb / April, 2001 /
/ $14.95

Green Girl Dreams Mountains is a book of many parts, a book of overarching vision. This new collection of poems by Marilyn Dumont is about place and family, about a mother’s love for her daughter, about a father’s sense of loss and disenfranchisement, about belonging and separation. It is a book imbued with sadness and desperation which ends...

Poetry / pb / 52pp / April, 1978 /
/ $10.00
Fiction / pb / 304pp /
/ $21.95

In this, her first book, Templeman pushes the envelope of literary genres by combining personal essays, memoir, and community history with meditations on the nature of language, work, family, and human relationships

Templeman is a keen and insightful observer, who delights in the mysteries of how children learn, how a community is forged...