Grows That Way

Susan Ketchen - Bio and Media
pb / 2012-05 / Young Adult Fiction /
978-0-88982-285-6 / 208pp / $12.95

Sylvia wishes that hormones weren’t such finicky things. She has Turner Syndrome and will need estrogen supplements to develop normally—whatever that means, since almost everyone around her seems to be hormonally imbalanced. Her doctor suspects her ambivalence about growing up has caused Sylvia to imagine seeing a large hairy creature in the woods. Interesting theory . . . but her pony has seen it too.

Praise for Born That Way and Made That Way

“Ketchen’s writing is fast-paced, compelling and full of surprises. Sylvia’s persistence and creativity in overcoming her life’s challenges will inspire the reader for a lifetime.”
~ Horse Family Magazine

“Susan’s books do a world of good. Through her kind-hearted exposure of human foibles, she shows what love actually looks like in day-to-day reality. Through her characters she explores the different ways of being strong and the power of hope. Behind all the humor and fun is a lot of wisdom.”
~ Dr. Robin Routledge

“I just finished Born That Way...It was AMAZING! I am excited beyond words at the way you made Turner Syndrome not a huge part of the story, but it’s enough for someone who doesn’t have Turner Syndrome to understand what it might be like. I can’t wait to read the other books! Thank you!”
~ Davina Gaudet

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