The Rainbow Rocket

Fiona Tinwei Lam - Bio and Media
hc / 2013-09 / Children's Titles /
978-0-88982-282-5 / 32pp / $19.95

The Rainbow Rocket takes James on a marvelous and magical dream journey to visit his beloved grandmother, whose beautiful paintings and loving guidance have inspired his own creativity. Celebrating the Chinese holiday of Ching Ming, James finds a meaningful way to honour their bond of love and his grandmother's rich legacy of art. The Rainbow Rocket shows how the tremendous power of the heart and the imagination may transcend loss.

Intergenerational bonds, the importance of ritual, and the vital significance of the arts in affirming human connection are tenderly depicted in this luminously illustrated picture book. A wonderful resource for families, libraries, and those in the healing professions.

"Author Fiona Lam and artist Kristi Bridgeman bring inspired contributions to this sensitive, highly recommended book for all ages. Simple yet profound, The Rainbow Rocket touches such charged topics as death, loss and dementia with gentleness, honesty and endless heart. A remarkable achievement; a high-priority book for all who love life and value the journey."
~Dr. Balfour M. Mount OC, OQ, MD, FRCS(C)
Emeritus professor of Medicine,
McGill University

“A touching and beautiful story of love, loss and imagination, told with sensitivity and grace.” ~Dennis Foon

“The themes of love, memory, loss and renewal are sensitively rendered in this poignant story and will resonate with readers of all ages.”
~Judy Fong Bates

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