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Tom Wayman

Tom Wayman is the squire of “Appledore,” his estate in the Selkirk Mountains of southeastern B.C. His 18 other books of poems include Dirty Snow (2012), about the effects on daily life in his area of Canada’s participation in the Afghan War. Wayman’s books of fiction include the novel Woodstock Rising (2009). He co-founded the Vancouver Industrial Writers Union (1979-96), the Vancouver Centre of the Kootenay School of Writing (1984-87) and the writing department at the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, B.C. (1991-2002). He is a director of the Calgary Spoken Word Festival, Nelson’s Oxygen Art Centre, and the Kootenay Literary Society.

Rachel Wyatt

Rachel Wyatt was born in England and moved to Canada with her family in 1957. She is the author of four novels, two works of short fiction, and has written over a hundred radio dramas which have been produced by the CBC and BBC. She also writes for television and stage. Rachel served as Director of Writing at the Banff Centre for the Arts from 1991 to 1999. In 2002 she was awarded the Order of Canada. She lives with her husband Alan in Victoria, BC.

“Her writing is as socially mutinous as Carol Shields's, as comedic as Jane Austen's . . .”
~Jacqueline Turner, Georgia Straight

“Rachel Wyatt brings her characters into places of change, places where reality and mind-world meet, and it's a pleasure to join her there.”
~Meg Walker, Globe and Mail

“. . . her masterful characterizations, technical agility with narrative time and staggering ability [secures] the reader's undivided attention . . .”
~Judith Fitzgerald, Globe and Mail