Danial Neil

Danial Neil was born in New Westminster, British Columbia in 1954 and grew up in North Delta. He began writing in his teens, journaling and writing poetry. He made a decision to be a writer in 1986 and took his first creative writing course in Langley with Rhody Lake. Danial worked steadily at his craft, completing eight unpublished novels. And then his short story was published in the 2003 Federation of BC Writers anthology edited by Susan Musgrave. He went on to participate in the Write Stretch Program with the Federation of BC Writers teaching free verse poetry to children. He won the poetry prize at the Surrey International Writers' Conference four times and studied Creative Writing at UBC. His first published novel was The Killing Jars in 2006, then Flight of the Dragonfly in 2009 and my June in 2014. Danial has completed fourteen novels since beginning his writing journey. His poetry and fiction articulate a close relationship with the land, its felt presence in his narrative and vision. The Trees of Calan Gray is his fourth published novel. Danial lives in the South Okanagan of B.C.

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The Trees of Calan Gray
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