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Mildred Tremblay

Mildred Tremblay was born in Kenora, Ontario. She has won many awards for her writing including the League of Canadian Poets Award, The Arc National Poetry Award and the Orillia Award for humour. She recently won the Vancouver International Writers' Festival Award for poetry. Her collection of short fiction Dark Forms Gliding was published by Oolichan Books, as was her first collection of poetry Old Woman Comes Out of Her Cave.

Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang

Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang is the author of Sweet Devilry (Oolichan Books), which won the Gerald Lampert Award for best first book of poetry in Canada and was nominated for the Re-Lit award. Her second book of poetry, Status Update, was well received by critics and readers alike. Her work has been published widely in journals and anthologies, and appears in Best Canadian Poetry 2013 (Tightrope books). She is the editor of the all-Susan anthology Desperately Seeking Susans, as well as the forthcoming anthology Tag: Canadian Poets at Play (Oolichan Books). Sarah is also a children’s author and essayist. Her Young Adult novel, Breathing Fire (Orca Books),was released in Spring 2014.

"This is a book to treasure. This is a poet to watch. These are poems to savour. They are an impressive mix of tender, beguiling, and wise. Tsiang is bound to become a formidable voice in Canadian poetry."
~Helen Humphreys

Jon Turk

Jon Turk received his Ph.D. in chemistry in 1971, wrote the first environmental science textbook in North America, and continued as an environmental science writer for 40 years. He has also engaged in numerous extreme outdoor expeditions. Jon's circumnavigation of Ellesmere Island was nominated by National Geographic as one of the top ten adventures of 2012. He has written three books chronicling his physical passages and the spiritual journey toward a Consciousness Revolution. When not out travelling, Turk divides his time between his time between Fernie, BC and Darby, Montana.

Leslie Vryenhoek

Leslie Vryenhoek was born in the United States and raised in Pittsburgh. She immigrated to Manitoba in the 1980s, and now lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where she works as a communications consultant and an editor on Riddle Fence. Her poetry, fiction and memoir have been published across Canada and internationally, and have won numerous awards, including the Winston Collins/Descant Prize for Best Canadian Poem in 2010. She is the author of Scrabble Lessons: Stories, published by Oolichan in 2009. Gulf is her first collection of poetry.


"A real writer is flexing... It all works and leaves an uneasy smile. Perfect."
Jim Bartley, The Globe and Mail

Tom Wayman

Tom Wayman is the squire of “Appledore,” his estate in the Selkirk Mountains of southeastern B.C. His 18 other books of poems include Dirty Snow (2012), about the effects on daily life in his area of Canada’s participation in the Afghan War. Wayman’s books of fiction include the novel Woodstock Rising (2009). He co-founded the Vancouver Industrial Writers Union (1979-96), the Vancouver Centre of the Kootenay School of Writing (1984-87) and the writing department at the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, B.C. (1991-2002). He is a director of the Calgary Spoken Word Festival, Nelson’s Oxygen Art Centre, and the Kootenay Literary Society.