Poetry / pb / 92pp / October, 2003 /
/ $15.95

In his fourth collection of poems, David Manicom affirms his place as one of the most compelling poets writing in Canada today. The Burning Eaves, a mixture of shorter lyrics and longer sequences, is a meditation on the nature of language and the power of love. Things are never as they appear to be, in Manicom’s world; yet he is a...

Non-Fiction / pb / 200pp / November, 2002 /
/ $22.95

Here In Hope is a history of place, a spiritual and ecological memoir, and a biography of the community of Hope, British Columbia. J.M. Bridgeman tells the stories of this land and its people with both a mystic's sense of wonder and a scientist's curiosity about the precise nature of the forces that shape our world....

Poetry / pb / 96pp / November, 2002 /
/ $14.95

Reminiscent of Donne, Rilke, and Wendell Berry, Hiro Boga blends classical and contemporary styles in a poetry that is inspiring, intimate, and passionate. With language rooted in the senses, Boga’s poems flow between ideas and feelings, nature and spirit with ease and grace.

Poetry / pb / 60pp / November, 2002 /
/ $14.95

The Elders’ Palace brings together two cultures that meet on the common ground of parenthood and of children lost, dying or dead. In these bilingual poems, Button documents her meetings in Kitikmeot in the Canadian Arctic with families and Inuit elders, who asked that her poems be translated into Inuinnaqtun. The stories they tell are...

Short Fiction / pb / 223pp / June, 2002 /
/ $19.95

In this superb new collection of seventeen stories, Rachel Wyatt explores the convergence between reality and fantasy. It is a mysterious inner realm, perhaps best described by the word absence, that lies between what’s possible and the imagined, between the bizarre and the blurred edges of reality. Her men and women are often disenchanted and...