Fiction / pb / 448pp / September, 2005 /
/ $22.95

Silent Inlet traces the lives of four very different characters in Hansen Sound, a fictional small-town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Amidst storms, mist and rain, they find themselves thrown together, struggling to trust one another. When a violent accident injures a handicapped boy, the tentative relationships that they have...

Fiction / pb / 280pp / June, 2005 /
/ $21.95

The School At Chartres combines the intrigue of a thriller with the sophistication of a major international literary work reminiscent of A. S. Byatt. Set partly in 1990s Montreal and partly in medieval France, The School At Chartres is a long love-letter—the final letter—from the protagonist, John Wilson, to his lost love....

Short Fiction / pb / 223pp / June, 2002 /
/ $19.95

In this superb new collection of seventeen stories, Rachel Wyatt explores the convergence between reality and fantasy. It is a mysterious inner realm, perhaps best described by the word absence, that lies between what’s possible and the imagined, between the bizarre and the blurred edges of reality. Her men and women are often disenchanted and...

Fiction / pb / 304pp /
/ $21.95

In this, her first book, Templeman pushes the envelope of literary genres by combining personal essays, memoir, and community history with meditations on the nature of language, work, family, and human relationships

Templeman is a keen and insightful observer, who delights in the mysteries of how children learn, how a community is forged...