Loggers' Daughters

Maureen Brownlee - Bio and Media
pb / 2013-11 / Fiction /
978-0-88982-294-8 / 224pp / $19.95

It is 1983. On the streets of Vancouver women’s libbers are marching. In the forests of the northern interior a tapped out logging contractor is slowly going broke. Down the road, on a small stump ranch, Adare and Dave Wilkins face the fact that they have given the best years of their lives to a farm that can never support them. In a tumultuous time, when ancient values are being put to the test and found wanting, a scattered family is forced into an uneasy proximity by the need to make end-of-life decisions for their dying mother. Exploring the forces that shape individuals,
families and communities Loggers’ Daughters weaves the story of one logging family onto the tapestry of the industry that built British Columbia.

“An epic novel set in the forests of the Rocky Mountain trench—a part of BC that has long been waiting for its definitive reflection in fiction. Loggers’ Daughters accomplishes this with a story so gripping, and a writing style so evocative, it will surely become a Canadian classic.”
~ Andreas Schroeder, Renovating Heaven

“Through this engaging story, Maureen Brownlee marks a turning point in the history of women. To take on the challenge of necessary change, the protagonist of Loggers’ Daughters must forgive her mother and learn from her daughter. Adare Brennan stayed with me long after I finished reading this captivating novel. Brownlee has created a protagonist who has the complexity and strength of character to stand alongside the most memorable women of Canadian fiction. Loggers’ Daughters is a novel about claiming what is rightfully owed, forgiving past injustices and moving forward with a smile that stretches the heart. I love it.”
~ Angie Abdou, The Canterbury Trail

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