Mars Is For Poems

Aaron Bushkowsky - Bio and Media
pb / 2002-04 / Poetry /
978-088982-204-7 / 104pp / $14.95

This collection of poetry zings a meteor’s path from cosmos to earth, from the great themes of love and death to their very particular manifestations—the death of a parent, the dissolution of a marriage, love’s awakening in triumph and hope, the grief and confusion of love lost, love distorted into hate. In his poems, sound weaves rhythmic patterns, anchoring the reader the way a drumbeat anchors a piece of music, freeing the melody to soar. Stars and galaxies, planets and their moons, gods and goddesses are linked through human consciousness to everyday lives, to the wonder of new love, the shout of mortality. These poems are meticulous in their details: “there alone/icu/room 3/second bed” begins the poem satellite. It ends: “each breath/tugging at the lines//waiting for a sudden/off-shore breeze.” The impossibly distant is embedded in our human hearts, and we discover the vastness of the cosmos in the things that are closest to us. “nearly hoarse/from hollering/go for broke/we race/race against time/become part of it/suns of fury/a massive runaway feeling/no field too large/we charge across/galactic meadows/kids playing soccer/mothers watching from heated cars/azure quasars/fathers scanning the net/for kiddie porn/sirens from the dark side/of the city/”. Space and time bend in remarkable ways to permit us glimpses of our interior lives, mirrored in the qualities we attribute to Mars, to Venus.