Strange Labyrinth

Kat Cameron - Bio and Media
pb / 2015-03 / Poetry /
978-0-88982-300-6 / 80pp / $17.95

Exploring the labyrinth of memory, Kat Cameron’s poetry moves from prairie homesteads to the homeless in Tokyo. Strange Labyrinth offers elegies to the lost: a husband who died of cystic fibrosis, a skeleton buried near Stonehenge, Rodin’s muse who was consumed by madness. Intimate, insightful, and intellectually complex, these lyric poems examine the choices that women make.

“Strange Labyrinth moves across subtle moods and ideas, as if these were keys on a piano under the deft fingering of a virtuoso. Kat Cameron’s
poems disturb our sense of time and distance, as figures in family history are simultaneously standing beside us and vanishing in the uncertain world of memory.” ~Ross Leckie

“An accomplished debut. This is a collection of sweeping breadth with respect to subject matter, locale, and literary influence. Cameron writes poems of quiet elegance, and strategic feminism. Strange Labyrinth is imbued with the ghostly, yet grounded, idiosyncratic spirits of ancestors. Cameron is a poet to watch.”
~Jeanette Lynes, Author of The Factory Voice