Adventures with Ollie

Adrian Chamberlain - Bio and Media
hc / 2012-10 / Non-Fiction /
978-0-88982-291-7 / 202pp / $19.95

Vancouver Islander Adrian Chamberlain always wanted a Porsche. When that turned out to be too expensive, he got a pug instead.
Adventures with Ollie is a collection of vignettes describing his family’s exploits with a headstrong, playful pug named Ollie. Adrian describes the delights of housetraining, teaching a dog new tricks, smuggling Ollie into summer cabins and trying to dissuade him from rolling on dead sea creatures.
Adventures with Ollie provides an insider’s view into dog culture that all pet owners will recognize. Readers will sympathize with Adrian’s efforts to compete with macho types who fling logs into the ocean to be retrieved by their enormous Labrador Retrievers. They will be amused by his embarrassment over his wife’s habit of dressing Ollie in peculiar costumes. And they may share his bewilderment when, after warding off a pug-chasing rat, he is reprimanded by a fervent animal rights activist.
A funny, warm-hearted read that will amuse dog lovers… and anyone who takes delight in human/animal antics.

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