Rides That Way

Susan Ketchen - Bio and Media
pb / 2017-09 / Young Adult Fiction /
978-0-88982-321-1 / 200pp / $15.95

Some people are unstoppable, even when saddled with family secrets and missing an X chromosome.

When Sylvia’s equestrian plans are reined in after she’s accused of dangerous riding, she realizes she’s been ignoring an important personal decision. Sylvia, almost fifteen, will need a new kind of courage to make the right choice, one that she can live with for the rest of her life.

Praise for
Born That Way
Made That Way
Grows That Way

“An engaging coming-of-age story that explores difference and personal growth through a variety of lenses.” ~ The Globe and Mail

“…firmly grounded in reality, and yet also about transformation, transcendence and imagination.” ~ CBC Radio – All Points West

“Sylvia is a brilliant creation… funny, observant and absolutely devoid of self pity about her condition, Turner Syndrome. Sylvia has entered the ranks of great horse and pony book creations. She is unforgettable.” ~ Jane Badger Books (United Kingdom)

“… good writing, real humour, and wonderful insights into character.” ~ Jack Hodgins, Governor General’s Award winning author

“Sylvia’s parents are the best, funniest fictional ones ever. Well, Lily and James Potter would have been even better, but they died.” ~ Goodreads review