Uirapurú - Based on a Brazilian legend

P.K. Page - Bio and Media
cip / 2010-04 / Children's Titles /
978-088982-264-6 / 32pp / $19.95

In her version of the legend, P.K. Page tells the story of a group of mischievous boys who set off into the forest to catch the bird with nets and bows and arrows.
During their adventures they meet an old man with a flute who has spent his life trying to mimic the Uirapurú’s song and a maiden of the moon surrounded by all the creatures of the night. In her tale of mystery and transformation, P.K. Page creates a story as beautiful and as haunting as the song of the bird about which she writes. A story superbly illustrated by Kristi Bridgeman. A story you will never forget.

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2010 Governor General's Award, Finalist - Children's Literature - Illustration