Desperately Seeking Susans

Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang - Bio and Media
pb / 2012-09 / Poetry /
978-0-88982-287-0 / 128pp / $18.95

Though many anthologies purport to establish a new canon, Desperately Seeking Susans simply luxuriates in the ridiculous surfeit of talent we can find in not only Canadian poets, not only female Canadian poets, but female Canadian poets named Susan.
Included in the anthology are works by:

Susan Andrews Grace
Susan Briscoe
Sioux Browning
Sue Chenette
Susan Elmslie
Susan Gillis
Susan Glickman
Sue Goyette
Susan Holbrook
Susan Ioannou
Sue Macleod
Susan Musgrave
Susan McMaster
Susan Olding
Sue Sinclair
Sue Stewart
Susan Telfer
Sue Wheeler

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