Crocodiles and Ice: Journey into Deep Wild

Jon Turk - Bio and Media
/ 2016-09 / Non-Fiction /
978-0-88982-323-5 / 312pp / $23.95

Crocodiles and Ice is a scientist/adventurer's journey into a Consciousness Revolution based on a deep, reciprocal communication with the Earth. The book highlights Jon Turk's award-winning polar expedition circumnavigating Ellesmere Island, as well as other, lesser known passages. But, more critically, Turk tells the story of his lifelong journey from suburban Connecticut into a passion for Deep Wild, an ancient passage, repeated—in one form or another—countless times, and ignored just as often.

Jon invites his readers to listen to our Stone-Age ancestors, the poets of the '60s, a wolf that lingers, a Siberian shaman, a Chinese bicycle nomad, a lonely Tlingit warrior laying down to die in a storm, and the landscapes themselves. Because beyond the wondrous and seductive opulence of our oil-soaked, internet-crazed, consumer-oriented society, there lies a glorious and sustainable lifestyle that is based on Deep Wild as a foundation of solace, sanity, compassion, and hope.

“Why explore? Why expose oneself to undue hardship? These questions are at the root of human existence. In an age when adventure is a sales tool Jon Turk looks into the meaning of wild places. How have these sacred places transformed the individual and society? With first-hand experience ranging from the tropics to the arctic Jon Turk shares the importance of finding the wild in our daily lives. An important read as our society collides headlong into an over-subscribed world.”
~Conrad Anker, The North Face extreme Alpinist

“Jon Turk laments the separation from the natural world that has been imposed by the day-to-day realities of the modern urbanized world. He takes us on his personal journeys to Earth’s remote places where one becomes embedded in the natural world as experienced by our ancestors. It is in essence a journey back from the Anthropocene to the Holocene and Pleistocene, achieved not by turning the clock backward, but rather by finding places on Earth where the clock has been ticking more slowly. Not many of us would have such innate curiosity, courage or stamina.”
~Henry Pollack, Co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore, and author of A World Without Ice.

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