Penny Loves Wade, Wade Loves Penny

Caroline Woodward - Bio and Media
pb / 2010-10 / Fiction /
978-088982-267-2 / 256pp / $18.95

In this long-awaited novel, Caroline Woodward returns to her Peace River roots. Penny Loves Wade, Wade Loves Penny is a contemporary story about middle-aged love enduring despite many obstacles. It is a retelling of The Odyssey, with a road story looping south from the Peace River region to the West Coast and across the province through the Kootenays before the wanderer struggles to find his way north, and home. The story winds around Penny, inventive and resolute ranch wife, and Wade Toland, reluctant rancher and good man, adrift behind the wheel on his last long haul truck run of the season.

The inter-island wars of ancient Greece are replaced by Canadian blizzards, biker gangs, lotus landers, covetous neighbours, not-so-friendly bank managers, a ravishing all-woman country punk band called The Sireens, and fatally malfunctioning truck brakes, amongst other menacing entities. The Goodland Historical Society and local choir, to which Penny belongs, pop up from time to time, like a Greek chorus.

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"Caroline Woodward is a B.C. writer who's far from average and well worth getting to know."

Rebecca Wigod, Vancouver Sun

"A beautifully written and marvelous story! Characters with dignity, characters you like, care for, root for."

Paulette Jiles, Author of The Color of Lightning

“Woodward’s crisp, earthy writing cuts to the chase of what it is to be human in this finely crafted novel about hard times, love, and the best of intentions. Wade and Penny will live on in my imagination for a long time.”

Anne DeGrace, Author of Sounding Line

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Penny Loves Wade reviewed by Emily McIvor

Penny Loves Wade; Wade Loves Penny, by Caroline Woodward is a big adventure and a lively story: one of increasingly few these days in which things actually happen. Plot is important to this book, and during the reading of it, I found myself, while busy with other tasks, yearning back to it, wondering about the next fate of Penny and Wade, the protagonists.