The Village of Many Hats

Caroline Woodward - Bio and Media
pb / 2012-04 / Young Adult Fiction /
9780889822849 / 112pp / $9.95

It takes a village to raise a child and to care for families in crisis. In The Village of Many Hats Caroline Woodward also shows it takes a child and a wise hat-maker, to save a village. Young Gina struggles with her sister’s illness and a tragedy within her village that ultimately brings her community together.

Village of Many Hats reviewed in CM Magazine:

"The great variety of subjects touched on in this slim book of just over a hundred pages makes it engaging for a broad readership as well. Community involvement, the importance of the human element (or the personal touch) in everything we make and do, the impact a serious illness can have on all members of the patient's family, an example of the democratic decision-making process on a small scale, and the wise use of available technology are all described, while the story, itself, that Gina makes a special hat for her sister to give her courage and hope before an important surgery, is poignant. The emotions of Gina, who is under stress to be both a brave sister for Sara and a responsible child for her parents in a time of crisis, are dealt with subtly, interspersed realistically with her new interest in and enthusiasm for design and sewing, her love for her village, and her growing friendship with Madame D'Oiseaux. A satisfying read, and good material for discussion." . . . more

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